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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 5, 2020

Send SMS and emails

For using Win-911 what communication hardware do I need to be able to send SMS and email as well?

Is a ethernet modem enough for both situations, or do I need a modem for SMS and other modem for emails?

Kind regards.

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  • Admin
    Steven Rivas
    Jun 16, 2020

    Hello Antonio,

    We recently added support for Sierra Wireless' AirLink modems which provides internet access which can be used to send email notifications to your email server as well as provide the ability to send SMS. We don't resale their modems in EMEA but you can purchase through local distribution. You will be looking for the RV50X. You will need to be sure to purchase an antenna and power supply as well. If you have more questions, please contact Steve Szabo,, who is based in Europe.


    Steven Rivas