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I would like a heartbeat from WIN-911 that I can monitor in FTViewSE.

I need to know that WIN-911 is not working. If I need an alarm annunciated, I need to be sure that WIN-911 is alive. Monitoring a heartbeat would let me know that it is still functioning and can be relied upon, especially after hours.
over 4 years ago in WIN-911 3 Will not implement

Support Tapi Modems

I've used a tapi modem for years with no issues. All the people that still have Tapi modems would still be able to use them rather than throw them away.
over 2 years ago in WIN-911 0 Will not implement

Announcer as a service

We run announcer on our Win-911 server for local announcements. We would like it to run as a service so we don't have to login every time the system is rebooted to restore local announcements. This may also be useful for systems that run elsewhere...
over 1 year ago in WIN-911 1 Will not implement