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Allow Voice to Acknowledge Multiple Alarms

In some systems an event can generate multiple alarms which can take a long time to listen and acknowledge individually. It would be helpful if there was an option to send "acknowledge all" from phone interface.
over 2 years ago in WIN-911 3 Planned

Better Voice enunciation

The issue is that my operators cannot understand what is being said. The word and letters are not enunciated properly. There is not enough of a break between words and acronyms are enunciated as words, such as 10 A.M. is pronounced as 10am, like I...
over 4 years ago in WIN-911 1 Planned

Support for Shelving and Suppression from FactoryTalk Alarm & Events

I have had issues with Win911 getting stuck because an alarm was active when an operator used the "suppress" feature in FactoryTalk Alarm & Events. The alarm strategy didn't recognize that the alarm was no longer active and wouldn't stop notif...
about 4 years ago in WIN-911 1 Planned

Easy Alarm Formats for Voice Connections

Easier way to edit/modify the way and order of what the voice annunciates via a phone call.
over 4 years ago in WIN-911 1 Planned