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Ability to select which Templates are displayed in the web portal.

It would be nice if you only want to have specific templated in the project viewable on the portal to reduce clutter.
11 days ago in XLReporter 0

Add SORT command to XLReporter Studio function list.

Excel has a function called SORT that is able to be used in the formula bar but this is not an availble/ supported function to use in the XL Reporter Template Studio.
11 days ago in XLReporter 0

Stop Voice Retries when alarm is acknowledged

If alarm is acknowledged (from different source) after voice notification starts operators get "Alarm cannot be acknowledged at this time" error message, voice notification fails, and retries start and operators continue to get the same voice mess...
4 months ago in WIN-911 2

Unzip ProgramData files as part of installation.

See support case #00077325. It would be beneficial if the installation unzips those files, rather than needing one-time file access post-installation in order for the software to work correctly. As soon as I gave myself Full Control of those files...
about 2 months ago in WIN-911 0

Add method to reset Status Module Failures

There should be a way to reset Failures in the Status Module WITHOUT restarting the service(s). Often these failures are triggered by outside issues (i.e. power, phone, network, and/or modem issues) are sometimes temporary and/or easily resolved.
2 months ago in WIN-911 0

Addition to filter out A&E message strings

FTV A&E has some features like "Alarm Enabled" tag masks that will cause outdials when modifying tags with alarm classes that outdial configured. The ability to set strings to ignore/not outdial from A&E would reduce end user confusion.
3 months ago in WIN-911 0

Allow Advanced policy loops function blocks to go flat 60 minutes and 1000 loop max

The addition of function blocks and loops would make our outdialer system much more robust, however the 59m, 55s timer max and 99 loop max are insufficient for large systems where there could be 200+ loops before an alarm is cleared (100 loops at ...
3 months ago in WIN-911 0

Categories for the Workbook Reports viewer

It would be helpful to have the report template categories show up in the Workbook Reports viewer as well.
about 2 months ago in XLReporter 0

Make Workbook Report viewer use template access settings

In Team Explorer, under the Workbook Report viewer it would be helpful to have the viewer adhere to the report template settings. I have many scheduled reports, such as data ingestion routines, general users do not need to see. Even when the repor...
about 2 months ago in XLReporter 0

Change Group without recreating

I setup all my connections and then discovered that the data from my Historian was being reported incorrectly. So i ceated a new Group with an Server connecrion and it worked great. However now i need to re create all my Groups.
2 months ago in XLReporter 0