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Send SMS messages via Internet without SMS modem

We would like for WIN-911 to have the ability to send SMS notifications via the Internet without purchasing an SMS modem.
almost 5 years ago in WIN-911 2

Allow Voice to Acknowledge Multiple Alarms

In some systems an event can generate multiple alarms which can take a long time to listen and acknowledge individually. It would be helpful if there was an option to send "acknowledge all" from phone interface.
over 2 years ago in WIN-911 3 Planned

Stop Voice Retries when alarm is acknowledged

If alarm is acknowledged (from different source) after voice notification starts operators get "Alarm cannot be acknowledged at this time" error message, voice notification fails, and retries start and operators continue to get the same voice mess...
3 months ago in WIN-911 2

Voice Contact Authorization Code "we ne the ability to use the same code with multiple contacts"

It is really important to our Organization to be able to use the same Authorization Code when we are answering Win-911 alarm calls. Multiple people answer the same phone lines and it will create a lot of confusion if they need to remember what cod...
over 2 years ago in WIN-911 1

Voice Input for Access Code and Ack Code

With many hands-free laws coming through, the ability to use voice to enter the access code and ack code to allow alarm interaction without touching the phone would be a great feature.
almost 5 years ago in WIN-911 2

Voice delay to be picked up before starting

Voice starts the message before the contact answers and the message is missed if it isn’t answered right away. Win911 V7 used to wait for a response upon the being answered to start the message. The operators greatly would like this feature to be ...
about 3 years ago in WIN-911 2

I would like a heartbeat from WIN-911 that I can monitor in FTViewSE.

I need to know that WIN-911 is not working. If I need an alarm annunciated, I need to be sure that WIN-911 is alive. Monitoring a heartbeat would let me know that it is still functioning and can be relied upon, especially after hours.
about 4 years ago in WIN-911 3 Will not implement

Better Voice enunciation

The issue is that my operators cannot understand what is being said. The word and letters are not enunciated properly. There is not enough of a break between words and acronyms are enunciated as words, such as 10 A.M. is pronounced as 10am, like I...
over 4 years ago in WIN-911 1 Planned

Provide a method for printing out or exporting the SIA configuration to a csv file.

Would like to be able to print out, or export to csv, the list of items and their alarms, tactics, strategies, contact list, etc.
about 3 years ago in WIN-911 8

Properly browse OPC tree structure

The OPC DA implementation used by Win911 attempts to pull in every single record field on a particular DA Server as opposed to going branch by branch. On large systems, it is unusable as it is trying to collects millions of record fields.
over 3 years ago in WIN-911 2