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Allow Bulk Edit of InTouch Tags for Notification Policies

Allow bulk edit of InTouch tags to change notification policies.
14 days ago in WIN-911 0

Create categories to organize forms in, similar to the categories used to organize report templates

Currently I have 31 data entry forms used by various users, which is getting to be a long list to scroll through to find the right form to do your operator rounds. Being able to organize them into categories, such as is down with the reports, woul...
19 days ago in XLReporter 0

Stop Voice Retries when alarm is acknowledged

If alarm is acknowledged (from different source) after voice notification starts operators get "Alarm cannot be acknowledged at this time" error message, voice notification fails, and retries start and operators continue to get the same voice mess...
29 days ago in WIN-911 2

Expose the Excel download button in the XLRWeb portal when configured to view HTML reports.

We have many reports for which we save the data summary worksheet as an HTML report. We use the XLRweb portal to view these HTML reports. However, there are occasions when we would like to download the Excel report from XLRweb. The web tool has a ...
about 2 months ago in XLReporter 0

Have Windows focus/bring up Control Center Monitor when an alarm comes in

In previous versions of Win-911, Windows would pop-up and focus on the alarm viewer page when an alarm came in, no need to change windows manually to get to the alarm monitor page.
about 2 months ago in WIN-911 0

Add filter to for Alarm State in Control Center

Can you add the ability to filter on Alarm State in the Montior tab in Control Center? In previous versions of 911, Inactive UnkAk alarms didn't show in the alarm viewer, but in 2024, they are showing along with the active alarms.
2 months ago in WIN-911 0

Allow Callout Lists created for Workflows to be accessed via Operator Workspace

No description provided
3 months ago in WIN-911 0

Schedule Query

Given a specific datetime, display a list of Connections grouped by Contact where each connection is on duty for specified time. Extend to timespan with options for full or partial range matches.
3 months ago in WIN-911 0

Hot backup OPC-DA node licence

With a redundant OPC-DA node licence, following an OPC server switchover, all the active alarms are being resent by Win911. This should not occur, the standy OPC node should be synched with the active Node licence and should be able to see that th...
3 months ago in WIN-911 0


Factorytalk Optix is Rockwell's newest visualization software. It would be amazing if win 911 worked with it, similar to the way out works with FactoryTalk alarms and events
4 months ago in WIN-911 0