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Ability to Turn OFF Mobile app Re-Notifications

Would be usefull to have the ability to silence alarm re-notifications on the mobile app. Operators want an alarm (sound) to alert them when a new alarm comes in, but they do not want to be notified when this alarm clears or is acknowleged by anot...
over 2 years ago in WIN-911 1 Already exists

Send SMS and emails

For using Win-911 what communication hardware do I need to be able to send SMS and email as well? Is a ethernet modem enough for both situations, or do I need a modem for SMS and other modem for emails? Kind regards.
almost 4 years ago in WIN-911 1 Already exists

Log of Active/Standby times

A log of when WIN911 goes into standby or active would be nice for holding employees accountable and ensuring the alarming features are activated each day.
over 4 years ago in WIN-911 1 Already exists

Multiple Schedules for Mobile-911 Connections

With Wonderware you have the ability to set alarm priorities from 1-1000. Some alarm points are more informational than critical and not needed to be alarmed except during working hours. Would like multiple schedules for the Mobile-911 Connections.
almost 5 years ago in WIN-911 3 Already exists