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Automatic Hot Backup / Redundancy

I would like to have win-911 application developed that will automatically sync configurations between a HOT Backup Pair. so that if you make a change on the primary server it automatically updates the configuration on the backup server.
almost 5 years ago in WIN-911 9 Shipped

WIN-911 Dashboard

I would like to see a daily report of WIN-911 activity. E.g. # of alarms yesterday / last week / last month. Who received the most notifications. Avg time to ack.
over 5 years ago in WIN-911 3 Shipped

Ability to bypass alarms in versions beyond V7

In V7 we had the ability to bypass alarms separate from the SCADA system so that the end user could easily bypass nuisance alarms, or alarms that cannot be fixed right away. In the newer versions (for iFix anyway) shelving is now the preferred way...
about 3 years ago in WIN-911 4 Shipped

Ability to Delete Orphaned alarms for Win911 Mobile App

If the alarms are orphaned and are no longer present in the parent SCADA system, we keep seeing those alarms in the Win911 mobile app. The users should have the ability to delete these alarms from the app.
about 3 years ago in WIN-911 4 Shipped

WIN-911 Mobile Alarm History

I would like to view alarm history in the mobile app instead of alarms being automatically removed.
over 4 years ago in WIN-911 4 Shipped

WIN 911 Activate/Standby Status Write to SCADA (OPC -DA) Tag Directly for Display

I would like to see WIN911 be able to write its Activate or Standby status DIRECTLY to a SCADA (OPC -DA) Tag for display. i have primary/standby servers and would like to be able to display the status or each server.
about 4 years ago in WIN-911 8 Shipped

Allow Export and Import of alarms in CSV format

It's very tedious to add alarm condition to items, especially with OPC DA. Allow alarm database import and export would make this process much much easier. A similar alternative is to allow copy and paste from Excel like some other apps (SubNET St...
over 4 years ago in WIN-911 6 Shipped

OPC-UA data source

OPC-UA is our preferred platform as OPC-DA relies on DCOM which is increasingly difficult to support. OPC-UA support would allow for much easier consumption of non-local OPC servers while utilizing the same feature set that makes the existing OPC-...
almost 4 years ago in WIN-911 2 Shipped

Web-based alarm summary

I want to see my WIN-911 alarms from anywhere in the world using my web-browser.
over 4 years ago in WIN-911 1 Shipped

Ability to run WIN-911 Log Viewer on servers other than the Host server

Our Operators and Operational Technical Services departments use the Log Viewer for Historical references on Alarms and other info and do not have access to the main WIN-911 server. On the old version we were using (3.19.9) we were able to run the...
over 2 years ago in WIN-911 4 Shipped