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Voice delay to be picked up before starting

Voice starts the message before the contact answers and the message is missed if it isn’t answered right away. Win911 V7 used to wait for a response upon the being answered to start the message. The operators greatly would like this feature to be ...
over 3 years ago in WIN-911 2

Add filter to for Alarm State in Control Center

Can you add the ability to filter on Alarm State in the Montior tab in Control Center? In previous versions of 911, Inactive UnkAk alarms didn't show in the alarm viewer, but in 2024, they are showing along with the active alarms.
5 months ago in WIN-911 0

Alarm Description field to Historical logs

Please add Alarm Description field to Historical logs. It's great that you added this function to the Monitor, but to make the alarms more transparent, please add this function to the Historian Logs as well.
11 months ago in WIN-911 0

MS Teams Integration

I would like to send alarm notifications to myself in Teams and acknowledge them back to my SCADA system.
over 1 year ago in WIN-911 0

Allow Callout Lists created for Workflows to be accessed via Operator Workspace

No description provided
6 months ago in WIN-911 0

OPC Data Access - Export Selected/Filtered Alarms

On a large system like the one we have, it lakes an hour to export OPC DA alarms. It would be much faster if you could export alarms that you select or filter.
12 months ago in WIN-911 2

Schedule Query

Given a specific datetime, display a list of Connections grouped by Contact where each connection is on duty for specified time. Extend to timespan with options for full or partial range matches.
6 months ago in WIN-911 0

Hot backup OPC-DA node licence

With a redundant OPC-DA node licence, following an OPC server switchover, all the active alarms are being resent by Win911. This should not occur, the standy OPC node should be synched with the active Node licence and should be able to see that th...
6 months ago in WIN-911 0


Factorytalk Optix is Rockwell's newest visualization software. It would be amazing if win 911 worked with it, similar to the way out works with FactoryTalk alarms and events
7 months ago in WIN-911 0

public holidays management

One customer asks for the possibility to manage such a public holidays calendar to be able to perform some action (like report generation) only in working days or public holidays. It should be also possible to manual add public holidays, according...
7 months ago in XLReporter 0